The Warriors of the Wild

Wolves and Cats both prosper, in clans, the cats are the traditional Thunder, river, wind and shadow. while the wolf clans are Sun, Night, moon, and Sky. both situated in different areas each clan has something different to offer. are you ready to begin?
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 Skill sets how to go to the next rank

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PostSubject: Skill sets how to go to the next rank   Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:04 am

In order to advance to the next rank, you must earn all of the points as well as fulfill the requirements.

to advance from a kit/pup to an apprentice
-post at least ten rp posts and five out of rp posts
-gain at least 10 crystals
-gain at least 10 loyalty

to advance from apprentice to a young warrior
-20 rp posts and 10 out of rp posts
-20 crystals
-20 loyalty
-30/100 in 4 areas

to advance to warrior
-mentor one apprentice
-30 rp posts and 20 out of rp posts
-30 loyalty
-30 crystals
-40/100 in 3 areas

to advance to senior warrior
-mentor three apprentices
-50 rp posts and 40 out of rp posts
-50 loyalty
-50 crystals
-80/100 in three areas

you earn loyalty and crystals by posting lots on the site and remaining active!
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Skill sets how to go to the next rank
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