The Warriors of the Wild

Wolves and Cats both prosper, in clans, the cats are the traditional Thunder, river, wind and shadow. while the wolf clans are Sun, Night, moon, and Sky. both situated in different areas each clan has something different to offer. are you ready to begin?
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 Sunclan Camp

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The sunclan camp is made up of a large cave that has smaller caves branching off it, the leaders den is situatied at the back of the cave the apprentices den and thewarriors den are closest to the entrance of the cave and the nursery and the elders den are set neatly on the left wall., the medicine den is down a bit of a tunnel into a large inner cave that has a small water source and a little light pouring down from a small opening in the inner cave.. outside the cave is a large flat patch of dirt and stones used for sunnings selves and teh fresh kill pile. to the side of the large patch of flat area there is a tall treestump where the leader holds clan meetings.

"no matter what the other clans throw at us Sunclan will endure" - Direstar
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Sunclan Camp
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