The Warriors of the Wild

Wolves and Cats both prosper, in clans, the cats are the traditional Thunder, river, wind and shadow. while the wolf clans are Sun, Night, moon, and Sky. both situated in different areas each clan has something different to offer. are you ready to begin?
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 Stunted Forest

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PostSubject: Stunted Forest   Stunted Forest Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2012 9:23 am

the stunted forest is a swampy forest on the far side of the gorge from the sunclan camp, hard to reach it pays off with plenty of prey such as deer, goats and the odd elk or moose. a wolf should be careful traversing this land as you can sink into the land rather easily. frogs are found here often and late at night they croak loudly. the trees here are short and twisted, generally at night a thick mist will prevail through the area as well.
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Stunted Forest
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