The Warriors of the Wild

Wolves and Cats both prosper, in clans, the cats are the traditional Thunder, river, wind and shadow. while the wolf clans are Sun, Night, moon, and Sky. both situated in different areas each clan has something different to offer. are you ready to begin?
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 Skyclan camp

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Situated in a gorge the clan lives in several caves up and down the side of the gorge, the medicine cat den is near the bottom as is the nursery. the apprentices den higher up with the warriors den above it. the leaders den is off to oneside and near the top of the cliff that the dens are situated in. a river runs through the gorge so there is always plenty of fresh water. the rock pile down stream a little is where the leader calls clan meetings, the whispering den is hidden away from most wolves and is the perfect place to gather moss.

"SkyClan's destiny is that we will never live in isolation from other cats. We're not like the forest Clans; we can't shut ourselves off entirely from kittypets and rogues. And visitors will be welcome."
— Leafstar
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Skyclan camp
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