The Warriors of the Wild

Wolves and Cats both prosper, in clans, the cats are the traditional Thunder, river, wind and shadow. while the wolf clans are Sun, Night, moon, and Sky. both situated in different areas each clan has something different to offer. are you ready to begin?
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 Starkkit of Riverclan

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PostSubject: Starkkit of Riverclan   Starkkit of Riverclan Icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2012 1:49 am

Name: Starkkit
Gender: Male
Species: short haired
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: kit (almost an apprentice)

Eye color: Grey-Bue
Main coat color: Grey Tabby
Markings/scars: Small scar under left eye from badger attack, dark tail
Build(small/medium/large): medium, robust

Personality: Inquisitive, Playful, Stubborn, Still developing through life experience
Likes: Playing near any form of water
Dislikes: Being made a fuss of
Fears: Badgers

History: Mother killed by badger when two moons old, followed a cardinal to fourtrees, found by a Riverclan cat.
Other: 5 moons old
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PostSubject: Re: Starkkit of Riverclan   Starkkit of Riverclan Icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2012 5:25 am

you are accepted starkkit!
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Starkkit of Riverclan
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